Welcome to Fox's Cupcake Co.

Our goal at Fox’s Cupcake Co. is to achieve cupcake perfection. It is our passion and we believe that shows, from the meticulous visual presentation, right through to the mouth-watering flavour.

We have three promises that we hold true with every cupcake we create.

Firstly - the cake must be 'spongy'. This comes from the delicate and light mix we’ve created using only the finest ingredients.

Secondly - the cupcake has to be incredibly 'creamy'. We whip the buttercream until it’s meltingly light, then we pile it high to create a decadent and beautiful topping for our cupcakes.

Thirdly - 'loveliness'. This is the dedication we put into all our cupcakes. Every one is a work of art - made by hand to give them a home baked taste and texture.